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- Attorney Mark L. Miller

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About Mark L. Miller

Our highly qualified and knowledgeable attorney, Mark L. Miller, has practiced law in the Denver area for more than 22 years. During those years, he has represented more than 6,000 consumer bankruptcy clients.

As a legal representative, he always values client commitment. From beginning to end, Atty. Mark Miller handles each case personally. If he is not immediately available, he will promptly return the calls as he believes in the importance of personal services.

About Our Firm

We are dedicated to providing people who are dealing with financial difficulties a fresh start. At Law Offices of Mark L. Miller, we achieve this by fulfilling the legal needs of our clients in the area of personal bankruptcy.

Since our firm’s establishment in 1997, our team has worked on offering forthright legal options to many individuals in Colorado. Today, we continue to help individuals face personal bankruptcy with the assistance of our committed, honest, and
dependable attorney.


"We were both thoroughly satisfied with your service and professionalism. You answered all of our questions thoroughly; you are a very professional person. You helped us through this hard time in our life and we appreciate it. Thank you very much for all you did for us."

– K.H. and H.H. 

Aurora, Colorado

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