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- Attorney Mark L. Miller

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The Colorado Bankruptcy Solution: Law Offices of Mark L. Miller

There are various reasons why people go through financial difficulties, including divorce, employment termination, or prolonged illness. During these instances, many people feel fearful or embarrassed about the idea of filing for bankruptcy.

At Law Offices of Mark L. Miller, we believe that declaring bankruptcy, if used in the right way at the right time, can help get you back on your feet financially. Our firm does everything to reassure clients that filing for bankruptcy may be the most responsible thing to do.

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If you are concerned about losing your home to foreclosure or overwhelmed by medical bills, we have you covered. We will support you all the way until you get better financially. The laws were created to protect people who have fallen into the same
challenging situations.

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At our firm, we believe that everybody deserves a fresh start. We are dedicated to helping you with the following:

  • Stop Harassing Phone Calls
  • Stop Garnishments
  • Stop Foreclosure and Repossessions
  • Stop Lawsuits
  • Stop IRS Collections
  • Save Your Home
  • Lower Your Car Payment
  • Eliminate Debt

Mark, you were excellent! You provided me comfort through professional instructions & explanations of the bankruptcy process. You were truthful, precise & compassionate of my fears. You let me know there is a better life after bankruptcy. You graciously answered all of my calls & inquiries. You were gentle in your responses to my questions. I thank you & pray that god blesses your business. There are not may attorneys that fit your description. If any of my family & friends require your services, I will highly recommend your services at #1.
Thank you

BG Denver, CO

Mark Miller and his staff were very helpful in a very stressful situation. They were available and eager to answer all my questions. I couldn’t of asked for anything more from the staff.
Thank you 

CH Aurora, CO

Mark & Staff
It is my pleasure to write this to tell others how helpful and kind you all were throughout this difficult process. Michelle was wonderful to deal with and you all made such great efforts to take care of all my questions and concerns. I have already recommended you to others. 
I truly wish to thank you!

MP Arvada, CO

Mark turned a “horrible” experience to a fresh start for me. I had never, in my wildest imaginings, thought bankruptcy would be part of my life. But, at 61, I lost my job and had insurmountable debt - I had just taken on too much with student loans, children’s weddings and home purchases. I found myself in a position that I had no one who could help me, but myself. My sister-in-law introduced me to Mark and my life changed for the better. With his help and counseling I never felt like a failure or a bad person, just someone who needed to restructure her life - which with Mark’s help I was able to do!

His staff is caring, understanding, supportive and always available - just like Mark.
I now have the chance to start over and look forward to each day with renewal hope and optimism.

VC Thornton, CO

Everything worked out just as he said. He did a fine job. A fine lawyer. Thanks

KC & KC Parker, CO

Mr. Miller provided me with excellent, in-depth information regarding the bankruptcy process. He answered all my questions and reassured me when I was anxious. The whole process was much less stressful than I anticipated. Thank you, Mark.

N.C. Denver, CO

Mark Miller was very knowledgeable and professional. I found my experience in going through an unfortunate bankruptcy, less stressful and worry-free. Most of the other attorneys that I researched before deciding on speaking with Mark Miller, were unavailable on the weekends to work with my work schedule. If you're in an unfortunate situation like bankruptcy, you should consider getting the best attorney in the business. I should know because I did. Thank you so much Mark!

M.F. Denver, CO

We are very satisfied and grateful for your warm, reassuring, and professional manner. Your office staff was very warm and welcoming. We appreciated the way you have kept us informed and would not hesitate to use your service again and would highly recommend you to anyone. 
Thank you,

H.P. and J.P. Aurora, CO

I would highly recommend Mark Miller to anyone who is seeking bankruptcy protection. Mark was there every step of the way and was available to answer any questions I had concerning a very difficult time in my life. I randomly chose Mark Miller after reviewing his website and I certainly made the right decision. Thank you Mark for being a true professional!

T.D. Denver, CO

You and your staff made us feel welcome and provided great service to us. With all of the anxiety that comes with filing for bankruptcy you all helped us feel comfortable in the decision we made. Thank you for everything.

T.L. and C.L. Wellington, CO

Mark and his staff were always kind and professional every time we called or were in his office. Mark is very knowledgeable in what he does. Our family has gone through a very traumatic situation and Mark was always sensitive and empathetic in regards to our situation and the filing of our bankruptcy. I would highly recommend Mark and his staff. You will not be disappointed.

D.R. and J.R. Brighton, CO

From the very first meeting with Mr. Miller I knew I had made a great choice in a very hard subject and time in my life. His manner was easy and yet to the point. He was very well prepared on our behalf and I would send any person I know to him because he is an honest and
trustworthy person.

R.M. and B.M. Arvada, CO

I had spent much time searching for a viable solution to all my debts. I had tried the debt reduction plans but they could not solve my issues. The fact was that I either needed to win the lottery or file bankruptcy. Upon realizing this, I interviewed with multiple bankruptcy attorneys and quickly realized that it was very expensive to file bankruptcy with a reputable attorney. Considering that I was struggling financially, how was I supposed to come up with more than $2500? I thought there was no hope for me. Then I found Mark Miller. He was genuine and straight forward. He didn't pressure me or send me junk mail like some of the others. He was thorough but efficient when explaining and filing my paperwork. He even answered my phone calls after hours, all of which, for a reasonable cost. Don't just believe me, just set up one appointment with Mark and see
for yourself.

P.H. Aurora, CO

Dear Mark and team,
I wanted to write this long due "thank you" note to express my sincere thanks for the great services you provided to me in such a rough time in my life. Every time I called you eased my mind with your expert knowledge and advice. Thank you so much for all your help. You are indeed a blessing for people going through these traumatic times! Best of luck to you in your practice. 
Thank you,

R.D. Aurora, CO

** Special thanks to Michelle and Deanna!!
I want to say that my wife and I are really grateful for the good service provided by you during our bankruptcy case. Mark Miller provided us good advice during our process. He communicated with us throughout our entire case. We will definitely recommend him to any person in need of a bankruptcy lawyer. I will gladly hand out your business cards to family and friends. Once again, thank you.

J.B. and C.B. Aurora, CO

This being my first and only bankruptcy I was impressed with your service. Every and any question I had was answered in a quick and professional manner. I was treated with nothing but respect from all staff members. Thank you very much for everything. 
Bankruptcy is a hard time for anyone, but Mr. Miller and his staff made this an easy and painless experience for me. Once again, thank you. I will recommend you to all people that need your services.

J.H. Denver, CO

Mr. Miller,
My wife and I thank you for your patience and your good advice. Thank you for always being there for us, always returning our calls, and answering our questions. You made us feel like winners not losers.

M.D. and C.D. Aurora, CO

Thank you Mark!
I am relieved to have the stress of debt behind me. You made my worries no more. I have referred a friend and co-worker who are in need of
your help.

B.J. Aurora, CO

I picked up Mark Miller's information from the Yellow Pages. I made an appointment and quite frankly I did not know what to expect. I was a little bit scared just because now-a-days you do not know who to trust. I had a lot of questions that were all answered to my satisfaction. I received the services with courtesy and kindness. The whole process of bankruptcy was done very professionally and fast. Most of all they did not try to offer me services that I did not need. What I paid was also fair. I would recommend Mr. Mark L. Miller to any of my friends that are ever faced
with bankruptcy.

A.H. Arvada, CO

Mr. Miller provided me with excellent, in-depth information regarding the bankruptcy process. He answered all my questions and he reassured me when I was anxious. The whole process was much less stressful than I anticipated. Thank you, Mark.

N.C. Denver, CO

We are overjoyed with Mr. Miller's services. He is an excellent attorney. It was my first encounter with an attorney who is personable, kind, caring and very thorough. We are Spanish-speaking couple with a heavy accent & limited English. We were amazed that we had very good communication with him. Although he only sees clients with appointments, every time we walked into his office without an appointment, he took the time to talk to us. We were very comfortable with him. I will recommend him without any reservations. Mr. Miller, thank you for giving us our peace of mind & giving us back our sleep. We appreciate you as a person and great attorney.

R.R. & L.R., Aurora, CO

The Law Offices of Mark L. Miller was simply the best. I received prompt, courteous, nonjudgmental and personal service from a highly experienced, Board Certified Attorney. I was taken care of personally by Mark L. Miller, the attorney, through every step of the process. He really helped me through a difficult and stressful time. I would highly recommend Mark L. Miller as your attorney.

T.E.C. Aurora, Colorado

I called Mr. Miller's office randomly from the phone book. Unlike the other law office that I called, he was calm and explained my options to save my house from BK. I really appreciate his help and I would strongly recommend his service to my friends.

M.B.S. Denver, Colorado

There's no words to it. You just get it done. You ask, you have an answer. We could do it, or not. I am very happy with the outcome of my case.

Sincerely, N.V.G., Thorton, Colorado

We'd like to take this opportunity to thank you so much for helping us with our bankruptcy. You advised us of what we needed to do and what we shouldn't do to make this go as easily as possible. 

You were very prompt in meeting with us the morning of our court date and took time to talk with us before we met with the Judge. 

We would definitely recommend you to our family of friends that would need your assistance.

Sincerely Yours,
G.S. and R.A.A., Aurora, Colorado

Mark Miller was wonderful during a hard time in our life. He handled every part of our bankruptcy... paperwork, going to court, things you wouldn't think about... he did. When we would call to speak with him about issues, if he wasn't available to speak with us, he would call back within

I would, in fact we have, referred him to other people in need. He was very professional, courteous and didn't make us feel bad about
the bankruptcy.

T.S. and K.S., Strasburg, Colorado

We were both thoroughly satisfied with your service and professionalism. You answered all of our questions thoroughly, you are a very professional person. You helped us through this hard time in our life and we appreciate it. I will refer other people to you and I have given your business cards out. Thank you very much for all you did for us.

K.H. and H.H., Aurora, Colorado

Attorney Mark L. Miller was an excellent choice for me at a time when I found myself seeking bankruptcy. He handled my case in a very no-nonsense, non-judgmental way with much professionalism. If I had a question regarding anything to do with my case, I could always reach either Mark himself or his very pleasant and helpful assistant. I would recommend Mark L. Miller to anyone seeking a true professional who gets the job done in a neat and timely manner.


An Experienced and Compassionate Team

If you need assistance filing for Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy, Law Offices of Mark L. Miller is here to help. As a firm, we have genuine concern about our clients’ financial welfare. Whatever walk of life you are from, our team of professionals will do everything we can to serve your best interest.

We take pride in standing for the rights of our clients throughout the Front Range Colorado. Mark L. Miller, our attorney, is able to handle different kinds of consumer bankruptcy matters. As a lawyer, he makes it a point to provide efficient, effective, and personalized service at all times.

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If you need an experienced lawyer to help you file for personal bankruptcy in Colorado, Law Offices of Mark L. Miller is the firm to call. Our team can help you move forward with your life and overcome the challenges brought about by your financial problems.

Contact us at (303) 745-3405 to schedule a free initial consultation. We also offer payment plans when needed.

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